Our International Law Firm is an integral part of the global Legal network. Our Clients benefit on one hand from our ability to share international expertise, experience and knowledge across the world. On the other hand, our unique regional coverage of the Central Europe enables us to offer to our Clients a detailed knowledge of the entire Central Europe and specifics of all respective countries.

Our International Lawyers have significant experience in delivering even the most complex projects within the legal network in the region of Central Europe. We serve our Clients in 17 countries of the CE region through our offices or affiliated law firms.

Our extensive experience in law, full understanding of the market and focus on industry specifics put us in the best position to advise our Clients on the appropriate and most beneficial form of their businesses and to provide them with premium solutions to eliminate any legal obstacle. We work through a highly professional and qualified team of over 150 lawyers who specialize in different fields of law and are able to work in a variety of international and local languages, which allows us to communicate easily with international as well as local Clients.